The tender and delicious yam fat beef braised with double sauce is delicious and nutritious, satisfying the craving

“Hello everyone, here is No. 1 Food house, focusing on sharing simple home-cooked dishes and delicious supplementary food for children, to broaden the taste of happiness in life with food.In our daily life, I believe that many people should be very fond of the delicious meat of fat cow.Although most of the time eating this delicious food is used to rinse hot pot, but for the author, actually made of fat beef breakfast delicious, also make people water.Take today to share the yam fat to burn, the author in a very simple way, Chinese yam, fat, cheese, cabbage, eggs, flour with a simple fusion, the flavour of the finished product is not only a bit like eggs for breakfast loaves of bread, and because of the added fat and a piece of cheese, only delicious degree, the absolute than the average breakfast more delicious oh.The family is also full of praise for this delicious food.If you’re interested in today’s delicious breakfast, check out how it’s cooked and enjoy it.One box of fat beef, 180g of yam, a little chopped green onion, 80g of cabbage, 1 egg, 25g of low gluten flour, a little cooking oil, 1g of salt and chicken powder, 4-6 slices of cheese, salad dressing and ketchup to taste.The first step: first of all, peel the prepared yams and cut them into small pieces.Wash the cabbage and cut it into small pieces.Then prepare a wall breaker and pour the cabbage and yam into it to make the cabbage yam puree.Step 2: Prepare a slightly larger bowl, first pour the prepared Chinese cabbage yam paste, then add chopped green onion, flour, egg, cooking oil, salt, chicken essence, evenly stir into a non-powder yam batter.The third step: add the right amount of oil in the pot, three into the oil temperature into the prepared yam paste, with a spatula properly spread, forming a diameter of no less than 10 cm round cake, and then fry until golden and slightly burnt on both sides.Step 4: Evenly spread the pre-thawed fat cow on the surface of the yam cake, then add a little water along the edge of the pot, cover with the cover, and stew for about 4 minutes over low heat until the fat cow turns white.Step 5: Finally, spread the long slices of cheese on the surface of the beef, cover with the cover and simmer over low heat until the cheese melts, then cut into pieces and taste.As for the double sauce I mentioned earlier, it’s the most common salad dressing and tomato sauce in life.Squeezed on the top of yams and beef, with some shredded radish, the taste is really amazing.If you like today’s dish, try it at home.So that’s the end of today’s dish as opposed to today’s.If the article still do not understand the place, you can also private chat about the author, I will try to answer questions for you.This article is created by no.1 Food house. Welcome to like, collect, pay attention to and comment on it. We will be there tomorrow.No. 1 Food House — Food needs to be shared with others to feel happiness.

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