This ancient temple is so powerful that Wu Zetian named it herself. Zhao Kuangyin went to worship it

Qianlong 19 years yi order sun Hexiang compiled “Mou County annals” records: “Dengfeng temple in the northwest of the county thirty miles of dongjiagang west.”In the 25th year of the Republic of China, “Zhongmou County Annals” recorded: “Dengfeng temple in the county northwest thirty miles of Dongjiagang west main hall five mountain gate.”Also recorded dong Gang village is lu village under the rule of one of the ten armour 18 villages, dong Gang set.And remarks: The Qing Dynasty Xianfeng three years for fear of the twist army nuission, the government allowed to build the town town, both defense and business, surrounded by a walled wall, so Dong Gang is also known as yongyu Village Dong Gang fort.According to the memories of Zhu Yunkai and Yan Guojun from Donggang Village in Wantan Town, dengfeng Temple is located in the west of Donggang Village. Dengfeng Temple gate is built on both sides of an ear room for storing tools such as cleaning.Enter the gate there is a mountain screen, screen inside the four diamond relief lifelike.On both sides of the mountain screen, you can enter the temple, which is through the main hall in the middle, with pine and cypress plants on both sides, and three wings on the left and right. Behind the wings on the east and west are corridors, monks’ houses on the east and places for vegetable gardens, livestock and firewood on the west.Daxiong hall Ming three dark five pattern, temple front gilt incense burner one, ten steps to the top, steps on the four pillars.In the middle of the hall sits sakyamuni, Buddha hanging couplets on both sides of a pair, the first couplet: smiling face often laugh at the world funny people, the second couplet: big belly can endure the world can endure things.Left and right idols lined up along the east and west gables.There is a gourd ridge in the middle of the beast, packed with night pearl, night two miles outside the visible pearl shining.On the west side of the mountain screen, there is a hanging golden bell. The bell is 2 meters high and 1 meter in diameter. Monks strike the bell in the morning and evening.Downwind zhongmu county and the north bank of the Yellow River can hear the bell.Dengfeng temple outside there is a opera floor, every year the twenty-eighth day of the first lunar month for dengfeng Temple fair, the head of the meeting (chief) will invite the troupe to sing opera for three to six days.Donggang village became a place for merchants and artists to make money. The people of the four townships drove or walked to the theater, went shopping and so on.It became the largest trading market in Lu village at that time.Dengfeng temple site in Mou why there is a dengfeng temple, when he was built, in what time prosperous, Zhongmou County CPPCC Cultural and historical data committee compiled “Zhongmou rural memory” has a clear record: Dengfeng temple is located in the west of the village 500 meters.The temple was built in tang dynasty empress wu years, an Indian monk in Luoyang lecture, get empress Wu appreciation, after the east swim pass by here, found here position is excellent, the shape is like a god turtle, know Dong Gang has aura, want to build a temple here, stay here practice.The monk will this wish to inform the Empress wu, Empress Wu readily answer, in addition to the donation support, to peak, grain abundance, is the people’s blessing ground, when the temple was built, empress Wu gave the name “Deng Feng temple”.It was Zhao Kuangyin, the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, who put Dengfeng Temple on the map.Historical records: Zhao Kuangyin was appointed as the commander of the palace and mastered the military power of the later Zhou Dynasty.A fierce battle with people, fled after defeat, all the way to kill down only with a few people, a few days water meters did not enter, heavenward sigh;”The sky will destroy me!”Voice did not fall, riding BMW neighing more than, when the sweet potato everywhere, but do not know whether toxic, no one dare to eat.Zhao Kuangyin rode his iron hoof and dug up a few sweet potatoes. Zhao kuangyin ate a full meal and was in good spirits immediately.After kaifeng, the capital of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin visited Donggang again and was filled with emotion.Heard that there is a dengfeng temple meaning is very good, there are grain abundance, peak of the meaning, plus before the adventure, life to restore dengfeng temple, after every first day, 15 led wenwu baiguan to incense, became a royal temple, from now on famous.Dengfeng Temple was rebuilt and expanded several times during the Reign of Wanli in Ming Dynasty and Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, repeatedly in the 25th and 55th years of Qianlong reign, and finally in the 23rd year of Guangxu reign.In 1938, Chiang Kai-shek opened the garden entrance, and the temple was washed in many places. In 1958, the Great Leap Forward, all of them were artificially destroyed. There are several stone tablets and huge stone turtles carrying tablets.Dong Gang people love culture nostalgic, and the masses dug out a complete stone tablet sleeping in the underground for one hundred years.”Guangxu twenty-Three Years to rebuild the Inscription” was seen again, the font is clearly visible.Edit these words, can not help but touched heart: millennium temple dengfeng temple, morning bell and evening drum listen to Vatican sound.If the ruins are still like yesterday, tens of millions of people covered by blessing shade.(Hu Yunfeng, arranged in Sanhu Study on April 4, 2022)

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