38 Army in Korea (21) : Capture enemy prisoners, understand the situation of the enemy

Jiang Yonghui, the founding major general, former deputy commander and acting commander of the 38th Army, recalled my war years in Korea in his book the 38th Army in Korea.Mastering the enemy’s situation in battle is a prerequisite for victory. In the first battle, we suffered the disadvantage of having an incorrect understanding of the enemy’s situation. It is not enough to rely only on reports from superiors and information provided by friendly forces.After the first battle, Chishi also sent a message requesting active reconnaissance activities.In the deep mission to lure the enemy, 112 division reconnaissance section chief Wei Decai affinity investigation link accepted part of the front position, to the division actively provide the situation.After the enemy occupied the northwest of the college, Wei Decai sent Yang Feng with a group of hidden in a cave in the fusifeng Mountain, wearing headphones, at any time to observe the enemy’s troop movement on the road below the mountain, and finally captured two American prisoners, providing a lot of information.The scouts of the other divisions were also very active, constantly going behind the enemy lines to capture prisoners for us and our superiors to learn about.Unlike in China, the Korean battlefield was not familiar with the geographical conditions of the people, and it was difficult to send people to penetrate the enemy. Therefore, except for the information provided by the Korean People’s Army, we mainly learned about the enemy’s situation by capturing and capturing. During this period, more than 20 prisoners were captured.At that time, he was the commander of the reconnaissance platoon of the 341st Regiment. This witty and brave veteran, from Lijin County, Shandong Province, was tall with a thin face and slightly tilted neck with a pair of piercing eyes like an eagle.After the troops have been transferred to lure the enemy further, it is urgent for us to master the enemy’s dynamics so as to advance and retreat in a favorable manner and successfully accomplish the task of enticing the enemy further.On November 12, we let the 114 division that night to catch a captive sent, for the army command to understand the situation, 114 division attaches great importance to command 341 regiment commander Jiang Defu must complete the task on time.At 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Jiang Defu regiment commander personally to Zhentong company, directly to the reconnaissance platoon leader Zhang Lanting explained the task, he said: “the division called an emergency phone, called tonight to catch a captive for the army to understand the situation, you can catch a” tongue “before 12 o ‘clock tonight to hand in the regiment?”Can!”Zhang Lanting shook his neck proudly and said, “I’ll go myself!””Well, I await your good news!””Head…”Zhang Lanting has a habit, every time before setting out to chew cookies to drink wine, the head knows what he wants to do, but now what can there?He threw up his hands and shook his head.Zhang Lanting understood what the leader meant and smiled and said, “That’s…We’ll just have to chew more corn!””No, tell the sergeant to improve before you go!”Zhang Lanting accepted the task, looked good across the enemy’s forward position of the starting road.As soon as it was dark, he set out with his team.Tracer bullets kept rising, adding to the atmosphere of war. Following the foot of a mountain, passing through an uncut corn field, crossing a mountain pass, crossing a river, crossing the road, the scouts crossed the enemy’s front line and penetrated into the enemy’s inner region, the Green Dragon.However, after searching a village and finding no enemy, Zhang led his team to cross the pontoon bridge erected by the enemy and then thrust it westward.All of a sudden, Zhang Lanting heard the sound of “Bu Bu”. He squatted down and looked forward by the starlight.He felt that this was a good opportunity, determined to complete the capture mission here, in the enemy group to catch a live, is not a simple thing, do not have life danger, but the soldiers do not doubt the platoon leader of this decision.For he was an excellent scout on the home battlefield, penetrating the enemy’s interior many times and completing many thrilling missions.He now arranged his detachment to cover him, gave instructions, held his breath, grasped his pistol, and crept quietly toward the enemy digging his fortifications.As Zhang Lanting climbed closer, he could see the three enemies on the high hill. One was covering a fortification with corn stalks, the other was shoveling dirt outside, and the other was farther away and could not see what he was doing.With his vivid eyes blinking, Zhang Lanting decided to kill the shovel in the middle and capture the one covering the stalks of corn…He tried to get closer, but the enemy saw him and panicked…Zhang Lanting, who was bold and cautious, made a sudden decision and jumped to his feet.Beep!Beep!”The shovel of the enemy was down, the one farther off was finished, the one covering the corn stalks grabbed his automatic rifle and was about to flee.Zhang Lanting was willing to let him run away. He stepped forward like a tiger pouncing on a sheep, snatched the fellow by the back collar, and dragged him away like an eagle eating a chicken. The enemy howled and struggled like a pig…The two soldiers rushed up and gagged the prisoner, picked him up and ran.The group of enemies were startled. When they realized what was going on, they opened fire. Zhang Lanting and his men had already run across the bridge and walked far away.In the fierce gunfire, they crossed the forward position smoothly, when they escorted “Tongue” to the regiment headquarters, Jiang Defu looked at his watch, it was only half past seven, said happily: “Good, you finished the task five hours ahead of schedule!”Zhang Lanting said proudly: “I didn’t expect the enemy to be so bear.”(To be continued) (This article is a reference to jiang Yonghui’s article on the 38th Army in North Korea.

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