A man in Chaling, Hunan, was sentenced to prison for destroying a forest to build a road

Source: People’s Court DailyA man in hunan chaling deforestation road was sentenced to punish the people FaYuanBao dispatch (reporter TaoChen correspondent Yi Yu) recently, hunan chaling collegial panel composed of 7 public hearing of the people’s court to illegally occupy farmland criminal incidental civil public interest litigation and trial, the defendant paragraph so-and-so due to constitute the crime of illegally occupy farmland, was sentenced to six months.He will be suspended for one year, fined 10,000 yuan, and ordered to plant 6.7 mu of saplings according to local trees suitable for growth within the scope of damaged forest land before June 30, 2022. If he does not replant when the time is due, he will pay 89,860 yuan for replanting and green restoration, in addition, he will pay 16,680 yuan for damaging the ecological environment punitive compensation.Duan promised in court that she would cooperate with the judicial authorities to replant and regreen in accordance with regulations, and paid 16,680 yuan of punitive compensation for damaging the ecological environment.In August 2020, Without the approval of the competent forestry authorities, Duan hired an excavator to destroy the forest, dig mountains and build roads, change the use of forest land, and destroy 6.7 mu of local national secondary public welfare forest forest land.The court held that the defendant Duan xx violated the land management laws and regulations, illegally occupied forest land, changed the use of occupied forest land for road construction, a large amount of forest land, resulting in a large amount of damage, his behavior has constituted the crime of illegal occupation of agricultural land.Duan’s illegal behavior resulted in rock exposure, serious soil erosion and damage to ecological functions.According to the appraisal, the loss of the main service function between the damage to the ecological environment and the completion of the restoration is more than 8000 yuan.According to the Supreme People’s Court about ecological environment infringement cases for the interpretation of the punitive damages, the provisions of article 10, article 12, punitive damages to the ecological environment damage during the service function of completion of the repair of damage amount for calculating base, according to the calculation of 2 times, XXX shall bear the punitive damages is 16680 yuan.The court made the above judgment in accordance with the law after taking into consideration the fact that the defendant truthfully confessed his crime and voluntarily confessed his guilt.Responsible editor: Li Fang

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