Another outbreak!Hundreds of dogs have been caught in a suspected canine coronavirus outbreak in the UK

A mysterious illness that has plagued dogs across the UK in recent weeks could be caused by canine enteric coronavirus (CEC), also known as canine coronavirus, according to veterinary experts, the Mirror reported recently.The first case was reported on the Yorkshire coast, where pet dogs fell ill after being taken for a walk on the beach, with symptoms including lethargy, diarrhoea and frequent vomiting, British media reported.Professor Alan Radford, an expert in veterinary health informatics at the University of Liverpool who has been studying the data, told British media that canine coronavirus could be to blame for the outbreak.However, Radford noted that the pathology investigation is still ongoing and there is no conclusive evidence.Despite the “ominous” name, the virus is not related to the Novel Coronavirus and poses no threat to humans, he said.”In other areas, the increases we have seen so far look more like normal seasonal variations,” prof Radford said.The researchers, from the University of Liverpool’s Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) programme, said of the Yorkshire incident: “Statistically, disease levels were higher [in the area] than we would have expected, so we can call it an outbreak in Yorkshire.”Bethani Brant, project coordinator for SAVSNET, also commented on the survey, saying that while the source of the virus is unknown, “it is likely to be contagious.”According to British media reports, it was previously speculated that most infections occurred in places such as beaches.However, Justine Shotton, president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), told BBC Radio 4 there was “no evidence of a direct link between these illnesses and walking dogs on the beach”.In addition, she said, there have also been “cases reported by vets from inland Yorkshire, really far from the beach, and they have also seen an increase in cases of dogs that have never been to the beach.”Owners are advised to contact their vet if they suspect their pet is showing symptoms.Infected dogs should be kept away from healthy dogs until they have fully recovered.Usually, dogs with the disease recover on their own, and in most cases, the virus is not life-threatening to dogs.At least one dog has died from the outbreak, the report said.According to British media, the canine coronavirus emerged much earlier than the novel Coronavirus pandemic.Historically, the virus has only caused a relatively mild disease in dogs, affecting thousands of dogs worldwide each year.(Edit: LH)

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