Boiled prawns for Spring Festival, cold water or boiling water?Keep in mind that 1 more 2, original taste good taste

There must be a shrimp on the dinner table on New Year’s Eve. There is a folk saying that:”For a shrimp, laugh every day,” and in shades of red cooked shrimp, joy festival are corresponding, boiled shrimp, here I suggest that we must do a simple table to compare fast, second table full of big fish big meat, taste is heavy, to a lightening boiled shrimp, adjust the appetite or better.Does poached shrimp mean poached in cold water?Here, of course, there are some skills, not so simple to boil with cold water, otherwise the quality of shrimp meat will be older, and fishy taste, today we share the “1 more 2 put” tips to remember when making boiled shrimp, to ensure that the cooked shrimp taste sweet and delicious, the meat snap teeth refreshing, taste is not fishy, original taste good.Cold water or boiling water?Boiled prawns should be boiled in boiling water. If you boil prawns in cold water, as the water temperature rises, some of their moisture and umami taste will be lost. Moreover, the shrimp meat will be cooked for a long time.If use boiling water, the moment you can lock the moisture of shrimp, and cooking time is short, (larger water boiled shrimps cook for 5 minutes, 2 to 3 minutes of medium-sized and small one or two minutes), it can keep shrimp meat is delicious and flexibility, but everything must be made by using fresh shrimp.1 – water to add water when using the boiled shrimp must, the more we informed for the fire in the home is not very fierce, in this premise must be done to increase water boiled shrimp, so water to boiling, can be in when the in shrimp into the pot to boil again within a short period of time, so can shorten the cooking time, lock the moisture of shrimp retain its taste and delicious.If you use too little water, the temperature in the pan drops so quickly that it takes a long time for the shrimp to boil again, which insensibly lengthens the cooking time and results in a suboptimal taste of the shrimp.1. Salt: when boiling shrimp, add a little salt appropriately. First, it can enhance the taste of shrimp meat, second, it can remove certain fishy taste, and third, it can make shrimp sweet.2. Add shallots and ginger: when boiling shrimp, do not add any extra seasonings, just need shallots and ginger. Spices such as Chinese prickly ash and star anise are too strong, which will cover the sweetness of shrimp meat.Step 1: Buy live shrimps into clean water for about 1 hour, let the dirty things in their bodies fully excrete clean, and then clean them for use.Step 2: Add enough water to the pot, add Onions, ginger and salt 3 grams of fire to bring to a boil, pour all the shrimp into the boiling water, immediately add cooking wine to remove the smell, the fire after boiling continue to cook for 2-3 minutes can be out of the pot.Step 4: If you want the shrimp meat to taste better, put the shrimp meat directly into the cold water after the pot to stimulate it, the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction, the meat quality is better, if the cold water taste is also good, according to their needs.Step 5: Put the shrimp on a plate like this, dip it in vinegar when eating, fresh and sweet, original taste.- conclusion – boiled shrimp not use cold water to boil, the correct approach is to cook in boiling water, and cook it must pay attention to the water, to ensure that the shrimp into the pot after the temperature rises to quickly, then to add onion ginger, cooking wine and a little salt, the last is a matter of time, are medium of not more than 3 minutes, a little bit small can just have a minute or two, that’s all.I am A hu, a little diner who likes studying and making delicious food. If you like today’s content, you can follow me. There are more wonderful content waiting for you tomorrow.

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