“Monthly Report” January Taiyuan new house users attention big data report

According to fangtianxia big data shows that the unit price of real estate, real estate type and the district and county business district where the real estate is located are the three most concerned factors for users to choose real estate.The most concerned about the real estate store for the small shop country Garden Nine Xitai Cullinan, small shop Poly and light chanyue and the shop opened the first · China Resources · Ziyun Fu.In terms of the properties of real estate, taiyuan users mainly pay attention to the unit price of real estate, the house type of real estate and the district/county business district where the real estate is located, accounting for 35.05%, 29.35% and 28.53% respectively.In January, for new house buildings in Taiyuan, longcheng Street was the most concerned business district by users, accounting for 15.24%, followed by Jinyang Street in south Central, accounting for 15.24%, and Changfeng Qinxian Street ranked third, accounting for 8.57%.Ranked regional attention ratio: 1 Longcheng Street 15.24% 2 Jinyang Street 15.24% 3 Changfeng Qinxian Street 8.57% 4 Kangning Business Circle 8.57% 5 South Inner Ring 6.67% 6 New South Railway Station 5.71% 7 Changfeng Business District 4.76% 8 Jinyang Lake 3.81% 9 Yingze Street 3.81%In January, the highest attention of real estate in Taiyuan is Country Garden Nine Xi Tai Cullinan, the attention ratio of 5.77%, Poly and Light Dust yue ranked second, the attention ratio of 4.78%, Shoukai · Huarun · Ziyun Fu ranked third, the attention ratio of 4.06%.1 Country Garden Jiuxitai Tianxi Store 5.77% 2 Poly and Guangduanyue Store 4.78% 3 First opened · China Resources · Ziyun Fu store 4.06% 4 Taiyuan Longhu Tianju Wan Berlin 3.61% 5 Honghe times Tianji Store 2.98% 6 FULi Yuexi City Wan Berlin 2.87%7 Country Garden · City Garden Xinghualing 2.79% 8 Merchants Times Main store 2.70% 9 Zhonghai World Times Store 2.70% 10 Ocean Red Star Taiyuan Tiangrun Wanberlin 2.39% table:In January, for new houses in Taiyuan, the most concerned users are the third house, accounting for 43.27% of the attention, followed by the fourth house, accounting for 19.23% of the attention, and the third house, accounting for 16.35% of the attention.Graph:In The unit price of real estate in Taiyuan in January, the most concerned users are below 8000 yuan /㎡, accounting for 19.38%, followed by 10,000-12000 yuan /㎡, accounting for 17.05%, 8000-10000 yuan /㎡ user attention ranks the third.The percentage of views is 10.08%.Rank unit price range (YUAN /㎡) Attention Ratio below 18000 19.38% 210,000-1200017.05% 38,000-1000010.08% 418000 + 7.75% 515,000-180006.98% 612,000-150006.98% Table:Housing price attention ranking data source: Fangtianxia Data Center recommendation reason:The second phase is mainly promoted 100-150㎡ model effect drawing first opening · China Resources · Ziyun Mansion Basic information Unit price average price 16000 yuan/square meter property right life 70 Regional business circle store South Central Jinyang StreetHouse type: three-bedroom (127.00㎡) three-bedroom (99.00㎡) two-bedroom (89.00㎡) Available date: September 30, 2024 Phase ii: 15#-22# Open Date: July 25, 2021:16#Shoukai · China Resources · Ziyun Mansion is located opposite xuefu Park in the middle of Xuefu Street. In the second phase, it mainly sells apartments of 100-150㎡, with an average price of 16000 YUAN /㎡, supporting one-off and mortgage payments.Traffic map recommended reasons:Located in longcheng Street east extension renderer Poly and Light dust yue basic information unit price to be determined property rights fixed number of years 70 regional business circle store Longcheng Street east extensionHouse type three-bedroom (106.00㎡) three-bedroom (102.00㎡) four-bedroom (142.00㎡) Collection time Is expected on July 31, 2024, Phase 24 #5#6#7#8#10# Open date on July 10, 2021 18#19#20#Poly and light dust yue located in longcheng Street east yan, blank starting price 8200 yuan/square meters, with the average price of decoration 10200 yuan/square meters, residential main push 85-160 square meters, western main push 142 square meters, support one-time and mortgage payment.Traffic map recommended reasons:Main push 85-140㎡ residential renderings Basic information Unit price average price of 11000 yuan/square meter property rights 70 regional business circle small shops comprehensive reform areaHouse type three-bedroom (115.00㎡) three-bedroom (102.00㎡) two-bedroom (85.00㎡) Housing collection time is expected on October 30, 2023, phase ii 12#14# Delivery opening time On November 20, 2021, Phase II 16# Has opened dynamic:Zhonghai World times average price of 11000 yuan/square meters, the main push 85-140 square meters residential, part of the building has been fully capped, developers guarantee provident fund loans, support one-time and mortgage payments.Traffic map recommended reasons:Main push 108㎡-128㎡ effect drawing Taiyuan Longhu Tiangju Basic information Unit price to be determined property rights year 70 Regional business district Wanbailin Changfeng West StreetApartment type two bedroom (84.00 square meters) four bedroom (128.00 square meters) three bedroom (112.00 square meters) closing time expected on December 30, 2023 A3# Opening time On September 30, 2021 A3# has been opened.Traffic map recommended reasons:Country Garden Jiuxi Terrace Tianxi Basic information Unit price average price 9200 yuan/square meter property rights 70 Regional business district store Changfeng Qinxian StreetHouse type: five-bedroom (300.00㎡) four-bedroom (190.00㎡) three-bedroom (144.00㎡) Available date: December 30, 2024 Phase 3:7#8#11#12#13# Opening Date: September 5, 2021 Phase 3:11#13#Country GARDEN Nine Xi Taiwan Cullinan five certificates complete, the average blank price of 9200 yuan /㎡, the main push 95-145㎡, support one-time and mortgage payment.Traffic map

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