Nanchang County public Security Bureau to maintain the county during the Spring Festival social order stable

During the Spring Festival of 2022, The Public Security Bureau of Nanchang County closely focused on the overall deployment of the county Party Committee, the county government and the municipal Public Security Bureau, carefully planned, refined deployment and detailed implementation, actively responded to the low temperature rain and snow weather, paid close attention to the implementation of various security measures;All the police care for everyone, strict discipline strong style, for the county people celebrate the Spring Festival to create a stable and peaceful public security environment.From January 31 to February 6, the criminal and public security situation in the county decreased by 32.91% and 35.26%, respectively. There were no fatal traffic accidents, major safety and fire accidents, and the social stability and public security situation in the county was good.Advance deployment and thorough arrangement to promote the implementation of security measures to strengthen organizational deployment, layer upon layer implementation.In order to fully play the Spring Festival security initiative battle, master the initiative, the county public security Bureau has held two times in the eve of the Spring Festival in charge of the mobilization of cadres deployment meeting, on the Spring Festival during the ban on burning and fire, traffic safety, public security, public security prevention and control work arrangements.Detail the security plan and clarify responsibilities.The Security Work Plan of Nanchang County Public Security Bureau during the 2022 Spring Festival and The Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games was formulated and issued, specifying the work requirements of security, stability maintenance, on-duty preparation and other work requirements during the Spring Festival, and further refining the work methods and responsibilities to the “nerve end”.The leader fights ahead and takes the lead by example.County public security bureau all the bureau leadership to a line, lead by example, during the Spring Festival, the bureau leadership fanned out the county public security organs of a line of basic unit team to supervise security check the Spring Festival, the street level prevention and control, rain and snow weather, deal with work to carry out the situation, and visit sympathy at work during the festival, auxiliary police, police further security measures implemented during the Spring Festival.County public Security Bureau in accordance with the arrangements of the county Party Committee, the county government and the city public Security Bureau, from the beginning of the festival, the whole police mobilization of the area of risk, to ensure a stable and orderly social meeting during the Spring Festival.Hidden danger investigation in place.Before the festival, the police went into communities, enterprises, construction sites, industrial sites to investigate 101 security risks and conflicts, and cooperated with relevant departments to strengthen rectification and resolve.At the same time, the leaders of the bureau presided over daily intelligence consultation and analysis meetings to deepen information sorting and strengthen information collision.Fire inspection in place.Before the festival to take “dragnet” investigation, “carpet” cleaning and other ways, “nine small places” to carry out fire inspection, found problems, timely rectification, effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents.Heavy-handed attack prevention upgrade strengthen attack prevention maintain stability strengthen patrol control.According to the requirements of the provincial office, timely start the echelon duty level response, encrypt the patrol points in densely populated areas, business centers and political core areas, and achieve the combination of patrol and guard points.During the Spring Festival, the county public Security Bureau dispatched a total of 6,297 police officers to patrol prevention and control, and 4,140 police officers were prepared for duty. 27 5G patrol cars and 2 armed patrol cars were on the road all day, comprehensively improving the rate of street police and charge.We will intensify efforts to crack down on crimes.Before the beginning of the festival, the county public Security Bureau deployed to carry out the yellow gambling, theft, street crime special crackdown, street current, multiple cases of money to do a hard hit, quick detection and quick break.Since the launch of the campaign, a total of 35 cases of theft have been investigated and solved, with 18 people under criminal detention and 32 under administrative detention.During the Spring Festival, 18 gambling cases were investigated and 36 people received administrative punishment.At the same time, the combination of online and offline, strengthen the telecommunications fraud, burglary and other cases of prevention publicity, improve the awareness of the masses.During the Spring Festival, the county public Security Bureau anti-fraud propaganda special class joint area police station, daily in-depth scenic spots, shopping malls, residential areas, subway stations and other crowded places, to carry out various forms of anti-fraud publicity activities, a total of more than 3000 copies of publicity materials, the masses to participate in anti-fraud questions more than 2000 person-time, the installation of the national anti-fraud center App2200 person-time.Strengthen emergency preparedness.We will strictly implement the system of leaders leading shifts and preparing for duty, and strengthen the reporting of major events and 24-hour duty.At the same time, the emergency equipment is ensured, and the directly affiliated mobile police, special patrol police, criminal investigation, public security and traffic management brigade arrange sufficient mobile police on standby every day to ensure that emergencies can be handled efficiently and reliably in case of occurrence, so as to ensure that the public can enjoy the festival in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.We should strictly ban rain and snow, strengthen safety supervision and plug loopholes, and make every effort to deal with low-temperature rain and snow.Throughout the early stage of the Spring Festival in low temperature sleet, strictly implement the county public security bureau unified deployment, the county, the county government and the municipal public security bureau traffic management, security guard, hidden, internal management, Bridges antifreeze and other work, command channel easy blocking junction road 100, need send someone frozen sections 32, ensures that the rain and snow weather the roads, the county smoothly and orderly.Strengthening the work of banning the burning of fireworks.On New Year’s Eve, the municipal public Security Bureau, the county government and the county public Security Bureau mainly led a field inspection of the ban on burning and release, the Spring Festival security work in Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County, and visited the frontline police officers and auxiliary police.During the Spring Festival, Jiangxiang town has achieved “zero discharge” work results.At the same time, the county bureau using electronic screen, public notice column, banners and other media repeated publicity, and focus on the forbidden area inspection law enforcement management, for illegal storage, illegal setting off fireworks behavior, do find together, punishment together.From the Lunar New Year holiday to the Spring Festival holiday, the overall dispatched more than 2,500 police officers, more than 600 police cars, a total of 17 cases involving fire, administrative detention of 5 people, administrative fines of 13 people, criticism and education of 23 people, the production of 2,200 hanging propaganda banners, issued 25,000 leaflets.Highlight the Spring Festival transportation traffic safety management.In the morning of February 3, the county party committee, the county political and legal committee of the main leadership into the county public Security Bureau traffic control brigade guidance inspection during the Spring Festival county road traffic security work, and to stick to the post of civilian auxiliary police expressed sympathy and thanks.During the Spring Festival, the county public Security Bureau traffic management brigade adhere to the Spring Festival security work in a prominent position, in view of the Spring Festival passenger flow and rain and snow weather, strict and fine rectification of all kinds of traffic violations, and give full play to the integration of advantages, actively do a good job in the Spring Festival traffic services and safety publicity.At the same time, the first-level duty response was initiated, and the system of principal and deputy team leaders was implemented. All staff took part in the duty on the road, and a total of 1,431 traffic police incidents were handled, down 34.87% from the previous month.Participation on duty officers and more than 4600 person-time, sent to the police car more than 400 vehicle-timeses, investigate all kinds of traffic illegal act 722, warm prompt more than 50000 text messages, send traffic safety, key checkpoint examination in 105 national highway travel service vehicles in more than 3000 vehicle-timeses, county jurisdiction, there was no more car collision accident, not for a long time, large area of traffic congestion,Ensure the county road traffic safety and orderly smooth.Lantern decorated “Spring Festival red” adhere to the busy “police blue” Spring Festival 168 hours every year as promised to peace is an eternal theme adhere to the reunion of a different New Year in the protection of changnan peace on the road Changnan public security forge ahead

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