To force!Help vaccination work, Xiangxiang City rong media center party cadres do so…

On March 27, party members from the Media Center of Xiangxiang went down to Jiupu Village, Meiqiao Town, to pick up elderly people over 60 years old for vaccination to help with epidemic prevention and control.City rong media center party member cadres special car to pick up the elderly to the inoculation point.Help the elderly to check information.By 9 a.m., the rain was pouring down.Song Hongliang, director of the Party building office of the City’s Media center, helped zhang Deyun, 86, to his private car under an umbrella and sent him to the Health center of Meiqiao town for vaccination.Zhang’s family are all migrant workers, and his youngest son has to finish his day’s work before returning home, so his vaccination has been delayed.”In some remote areas of Jiupu village, young people work outside the village, and it is not convenient for the elderly to go out.Party members from the Media center drove their private cars with village officials, took them one by one to the health centers for vaccination and sent them back.”Song Hongliang said.Accompany the elderly for vaccination.At the vaccination point of the hospital, Song Hongliang accompanied Zhang Deyun carefully throughout the whole process, helping her register information, accompanying her for physical examination and vaccination.Half an hour later, after seeing the old man’s body had no adverse reaction, he sent the old man back home.”It’s raining so hard, thanks to them picking me up for vaccination.”Zhang deyun told reporters that he had completed two vaccinations, each time was a “special car” shuttle, feeling particularly warm.In recent days, for the elderly mobility inconvenience and other problems, meiqiao town jiupu village active action, organizing village cadres to check the row, and for the elderly eligible for vaccination to provide shuttle service.As a supporting unit, party members and cadres of Shirong Media Center have played a vanguard and exemplary role, held several promotion meetings for epidemic prevention and control, set up “special bus teams” to pick them up, and donated epidemic prevention materials to make up for the shortage of village cadres and make villagers feel at ease and warm for vaccination.Hunan assembly combines media reporter | Wu Wei edit | article can associate editor | Liu Qunyi Yang Haomin editor in chief vice editor-in-chief | | tan willows Zhou Xin total all peer originator, hail to the original

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