Today’s snow, the next arrangement!Cold upgrade, pay attention to keep warm, Spring Festival weather also has

Have you been amazed by the snow scene in moments of friends?Lille taken lille taken lille taken lille was taken from the beginning of the day yesterday, zhejiang many mountains have snow in advance, and is already turn white.As temperatures dropped further, snow managed to slip into plain areas such as Hangzhou, which already had snow today (January 29).Our province is still contracted by rain and snow, and the posture is not small, and will gradually end tomorrow morning, ushered in a short and precious precipitation interval.The degree of cold to press the “enhance key”, tomorrow morning most of the lowest temperature in our province near the freezing point, wet and cold throughout the day, we must do a good job of warm work.Let’s take a look at this snow present report card – yesterday in the daytime in the mountainous area of northwest Zhejiang first appeared snow, night from Hangzhou, southern Huzhou, western Jiaxing, western Shaoxing and other places appeared light snow part of the snow, the mountain area has to heavy snow local blizzard.As of 08 o ‘clock today, the high mountain snow depth is larger deqing Tianquan Mountain 27 cm, Lin ‘an Longgang Town Tianchi 26 cm, Anji Yunshang Grassland 24 cm, Moganshan 22 cm, Taihu Source town Baisha village 21 cm, Tianhuangping 18 cm, Qingliang Peak town 14 cm;The snow depth in the urban area is larger than hangzhou Lin ‘an city 10 cm, Linping city 5 cm, Anji, Deqing city 5 ~ 10 cm, Haining 4 cm, haiyan 2 cm.Snow will continue to fall today (January 29) : it is expected that there will be sleet or small to medium snow in the southern part of north Zhejiang to the northern part of south Zhejiang, and there will still be heavy snow in the mountainous areas.The snow depth in mountainous areas could reach 5 ~ 8 cm, and 2 ~ 4 cm in some plain areas such as southern Hangzhou, western Shaoxing, northern Jinhua, northern Quzhou and northern Lishui.It is expected that the Spring Festival holiday (From January 31 to February 6) will be sunny and rainy in our province, and there will be a rain (snow) process from January 1 to 3. There will be sleet and snow in parts of central and northern Zhejiang and snow in mountainous areas from February 2 to 3.In the morning of 31st (New Year’s Eve) and 5th February (Early Friday), the temperature is relatively lowest. The lowest temperature is 0 ~ -3℃ in most areas, and -3 ~ -6℃ in mountainous areas, with severe freezing.In addition, there are 8 ~ 9 north winds in coastal waters of our province today and February 3-4.The morning of January 31 was foggy in the mountains.The specific forecast is as follows: On 29th, there will be sleet or light to moderate snow in northern Zhejiang, and heavy snowstorm in mountainous areas.Mid-south zhejiang area cloudy with small to moderate rain, around noon part of the turn to sleet or snow, mountain areas have medium to heavy snow.May 30: Cloudy with occasional light rain and sleet in southeast coastal areas, and sleet or light snow in other areas;In the morning from the north and south of the province gradually stopped rain and snow cloudy day.31 (New Year’s Eve) : Sunny to cloudy in northern Zhejiang, cloudy to overcast in other areas.February 1 (New Year’s Day) : Cloudy to overcast in northern Zhejiang, and light rain from south to north in central and southern Zhejiang.2. (The second day of the New Year) : Light rain or sleet in northern Zhejiang, sleet or snow in mountainous areas;There is light rain in central and southern Zhejiang.3. (The third day of the New Year) : Light rain or sleet in central and northern Zhejiang, sleet or snow in mountainous areas;There is light rain in southern Zhejiang.May 4 (New Year’s Day 4) : Cloudy to cloudy in the province.May 5 (Early Friday) : Cloudy throughout the province.6 (the sixth day of the year) : Cloudy to overcast in the province.Tips: From today to tomorrow morning, there will still be snow in our province, and there will be heavy snowfall in some mountainous areas. The snow and ice in mountainous areas are serious. It is necessary to prevent the adverse effects of low-temperature rain and snow, frozen roads in mountainous areas and low visibility on the Spring Festival transportation, urban operation, energy supply protection, facility agriculture and epidemic prevention and control.From the second day of the lunar New Year to the third day of the lunar New Year, there may be sleet and snow in the central and northern areas of our province, please pay attention.Before February 4th, there will be a northeastward wind of force 8 ~ 9 in the coastal area of our province, please pay attention to the safety of maritime shipping.Due to the complex weather situation in the near future, the forecast is still uncertain. The public should pay close attention to the latest weather forecast and early warning information released by the local meteorological department at any time.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and network transmission, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.

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