Fuyang micro blue 6 store maximum discount 30,000 yuan, welcome to the store appreciation

This week the latest car market, micro blue 6, Fuyang Zhongtong Buick shop price 18.76% from now to March 29, watching the micro blue 6 friends, rare opportunity, do not hesitate,Do not miss the opportunity to start promotion time 2022 March 28 to 2022 March 29 Micro blue 6 latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Fuyang offer Internet fashion plus159,900 yuan 3,900 yuan 129,900 yuan Internet smart enjoy typePlus166,900 RMB 136,900 RMB Intelligent connected plus178,900 RMB 3.00 RMB 148,900 RMB Interconnected shared plus178,900 RMB 3.00 RMB 148,900 RMB

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