“Hello, sharpshooter” : small ai into abandon son, Xu Dian harassment Tang heart, Shen Qingyuan crisis everywhere!

“Hello, sharpshooter” has been updated more than half, in the first half after finishing green tea ai, Shen Qingyuan and Tang Xin, ushered in the emotional peak period.For a friendly forces and like to assist the play, the audience is particularly fond of.Although said, also know this kind of sports as the theme of the plot, in real life, is not realistic.After all, as an elite athlete, his training is very hard, so hard that they don’t have too much time to think about personal feelings, especially before they get results.So, “Hello, sharpshooter” is just a sport for the theme and sweet pet idol drama, like this type of drama, equivalent to the plot of the overlord president fell in love with me and so on, nothing more than to change a kind of theme.Since it is an idol drama, there will always be some dog blood.Although say, in the world of feeling, although male hero Shen Qingyuan loses memory, but after seeing Tang Heart again, he still fell in love with her;And Tang heart after many years, also still love at the beginning of that he.It’s just that, in a sweet pet drama, there must be characters like green tea, which is never going to change the routine.Originally, at the beginning of the time, will think that female second small speech is green tea, but later found that she is just an excellent and a little proud jiao, sanguan and very upright girl.Although she said shen Qingyuan also have a good impression, but after she knew shen Qingyuan had no feelings for her, she did not tangle again.And later appeared after a green tea xiao Ai, also thought she would be interested in Shen Qingyuan, and Tang heart together to grab Shen Qingyuan.However, it never occurred to her that the layout of xiaobian was too small. She would not look at green tea of the type of Xiao Ai and Shen Qingyuan, nor would she take it to heart.She wants fame and money, and for her fame and money, she can not only play the role of a green tea, but also can play the role of a female sea king.Therefore, a man like Shen Qingyuan, in xiao Ai’s eyes, even if no matter how excellent, is just a poor scholar, is unable to satisfy her inner desire.Only those with wealth and status are her targets.For example, Xu Dian in the play, in the play, Xu Dian is Xiao Ai’s teacher, but the two are not pure teacher-student relationship, but a future, a color of the improper relationship.It can only be said that Xu Dian and Xiao Ai are birds of a feather. They are a match made in heaven.Unfortunately, for a man like Xu Dian, even if Xiao Ai really has feelings for Xu Dian, he will not take Xiao Ai seriously.In his eyes, Xiao Ai is just a small prey, when the prey is acquired, when the new prey appears, he can not put attention on her again.Therefore, the improper relationship between Xu Dian and Xiao Ai is doomed to be abandoned by Xu Dian.As for the small ai this green tea bar, after being abandoned, she certainly will not feel that there is a problem, she will only feel that everything is the fault of tang Heart, will certainly do harm to Tang Heart.And Xu Dian, after harassing Tang xin without success for the first time, he certainly won’t give up, certainly also can continue to harass.To put it bluntly, xu Dian’s type of garbage, he must not really like Tang Xin, but think tang Xin is better than Xiao Ai, more attractive.In his eyes, Tang heart is just to meet his heart fresh prey, and not when, of course, is the most wanted.So, next, he will certainly take advantage of his position, tang heart for harassment.And Shen Qingyuan, affirmation also is crisis everywhere, one side should exercise hard, and the other side should try every means to protect Tang heart again.But in his career, there is Chen Yue that stumbling block, and in emotion, there is Xu Dian that kind of shameless old man.Presumably, in the following plot, Xu Dian in order to retaliate against Shen Qingyuan, will certainly cooperate with Chen Yue that conceit male, out of some garbage means against Shen Qingyuan.So relative to Tang Xin, Shen Qingyuan’s situation is much more dangerous.After all, Tang heart’s career, itself is more special, a little wind and grass, only online public opinion can spray dead;But Shen Qingyuan is only a person, energy is always limited, in Xu Dian’s unruly, his mood, more or less will be affected.Can only say, green tea xiaoai became Xu Dian abandoned son, is not strange.Is bitter Shen Qingyuan!

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