New Year’s Walk | Longxi vigorously promotes the construction of “beautiful town” to accelerate the realization of the beauty of the whole region

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter came to Longxi Park to see that the park’s transformation and upgrading project is advancing in an orderly manner: at the entrance, 5 workers are unloading bags of colored plastic runway raw materials from the truck, ready to “wear new clothes” to the side of the vinyl runway;A short walk down the runway, a new glass viewing platform comes into view, where two workers are putting the finishing touches on the installation;Standing on the platform, not far away, a waterway cleaner in a boat carefully pulled up floating waste with a fishing net.Longxi Park is located at the intersection of Longxiang South Road and Pugang Road, belonging to the central section of Longxi City, covering an area of 40 mu.As a typical combination of demolition and transformation in Longxi Town, this was originally the undeveloped private land of Huayanpu Village. Due to the long abandoned time, there were illegal buildings such as waste recycling station, garbage dump and car wash shop on the ground, which had a dirty and messy appearance and aroused strong response from the masses.In March 2013, stream joint chengguan town, homeland department of illegal buildings on the ground a total of more than 5000 square meters, bring down the building and construction, the site construction of leisure wooden platform, viewing pavilion, landscape winding and business hall and other attractions, and combining with dredging river, the river barge candy, water governance, such as overall environment renovation, create a natural landscape park.At that time, the park was mainly composed of flowers and plants, with only an open air square and a single function. In order to make the use of the park more close to the needs of the masses, Longxi Town invested more than 8 million yuan to upgrade the whole Longxi Park in 2020, and positioned as a “civilized theme park”.There are six functional areas, including volunteer service square, star-rated tourism service area, children’s activity area, art activity experience area, leisure activity area and civilization practice exhibition area.”The project is now in the final stage, with only the glass viewing platform and plastic running track remaining, which will also be completed before the Spring Festival.”Longxi Park transformation project construction director Huang Hui introduced.Stream in the park to upgrade project is stream town, promote the building of the beautiful town of a miniature left left left since beautiful town create work start, stream town actively play a role of special bonds to lead, successively invested more than 120 million, 45 implementation project, a comprehensive YanPu, donggang, mei openmindedness, mill creek four big area of infrastructure,Accelerate the construction of the southern section of Wentao Road, the north side of Longxi Middle School, Pusheng Road and the entrance of Meiao Park, vigorously promote the landscape improvement of Longyan Line, Meiao section of Xuanzhan Highway and Longxi Park, and build the model road of “Damixi-Shanli” beautiful highway.More than 20,000 square meters of facades have been renovated, 7 open village-level waste transfer stations and 1 tower-level waste transfer station have been renovated, 5 supporting public toilets have been built, more than 600 public parking Spaces have been added, and more than 13,000 square meters of parkland have been added.”Building beautiful cities and towns for the new era is a practical action to realize people’s aspiration for a better life.”Stream town party committee, vice secretary of Chen Caibin said the stream town will attach great importance to the beautiful town construction, as the improvement of living environment, promote rural revitalization of huimin engineering to grasp, to create development advantage, strengthen competition environment engineering to grasp, length, inside and outside and repair, the full build appearance level and strength both phase contrast, temperament and connotation of the beautiful town.Next, stream town will comprehensively pushing forward the construction of the new age beautiful town under foot “embroidered kung fu”, to enhance the level of urban appearance and quality as the goal, in order to satisfy the demands of society and the masses as a starting point, processing as a whole “, production, city, and scene “, strive to polish “digital stream, livable appropriate vigor new city” of the most beautiful color.Author: Su Binhui Liu Binhui Photography: Su Binhui Correspondent: Wang Lin (source: Yuhuan People’s Government website)

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