Total carbon reduction 750 tons!How does zhi LAN automobile service winter Olympics after all?

At the Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes won gold and silver MEDALS.Outside the field of the Winter Olympics, Zhilan auto mission will be achieved.There are not only more than 20 pure electric Smart Blue light trucks for the winter Olympics material transport, but also more than 200 pure electric, hydrogen fuel cell smart Blue light trucks on standby.Service Beijing Winter Olympics, smart blue car is very serious!More than 200 smart Blue light trucks have reduced carbon emissions by 750 tons. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have finally arrived.Driven by the concept of green Olympics, new energy technologies have a chance to appear collectively again.As early as the preparation period of the Winter Olympics, more than 20 pure electric smart blue light trucks have been frequently shuttling through the venues to ensure the transport of food, daily necessities, electronic equipment, medicine and other materials.In addition, four smart blue light trucks have been delivered to the Dongcheng Sanitation Bureau for the winter Olympics.Outside the stadium, more than 200 all-electric, hydrogen-cell-powered Smart Blue light trucks stand ready to be summoned.According to statistics, based on the operation of 200 kilometers per day, from the preparation to the end of the Winter Olympics, if more than 200 smart Blue light trucks are put into operation, a total of 750 tons of carbon emissions will be reduced.For many years, Zhilan automobile has been foton automobile practice “carbon neutrality” the “front line”.As early as 2021 China International Intelligent Network and new energy commercial vehicle conference, Foton Automotive Group business vice president, Foton Zhilan new energy President Qin Zhidong once said: “Foton is expected to sell 114,000 new energy models in 2025, 340,000 in 2030, to 2030 will reduce about 150 million tons of carbon emissions.”Short step without thousands of miles, not small streams into rivers and seas.The performance of more than 200 Smart Blue light trucks in carbon reduction of 750 tons before and after the Winter Olympics is only an epitome of smart Blue auto’s active implementation of dual carbon goals and efforts to achieve social responsibility.Service winter Aozhi blue car with what car?Service winter Olympics, which car did zhi LAN car use?The first model is a large capacity battery model with 104.7 KWH of electricity.On the one hand, the car’s range and reliability in the industry reputation is very good;On the other hand, the vehicle has been re-optimized for users’ pain points in terms of lightweight, power consumption and battery insulation.The 4.5T hydrogen fuel cell light truck specially customized for the Winter Olympics also shows the intention of Zhilan Automobile.In view of the operation pain point that rear hydrogen bottle greatly reduces the storage space of the cargo compartment, Zhilan automobile pioneered the hydrogen storage layout that does not occupy the volume of the cargo compartment in the industry and applied it on the vehicle (the vehicle hydrogen bottle is not rear and has the largest hydrogen load of 260L×2 in the industry, and its endurance is beyond doubt).In addition, the vehicle uses industry-leading electric drive bridge technology to increase transmission ratio and acceleration while also expanding the working range of hydrogen energy output.Service guarantees respect, zhi LAN automobile is pour its all for the Winter Olympics.It is understood that for all service vehicles, Zhilan Automobile has set up a professional support team to provide responsive and intimate support services for material transport vehicles during the event. 24-hour special personnel are on standby to escort the Winter Olympics at all times.On December 25, 2021, the Smart Blue Automobile brand will be released.In fact, Zhilan automobile is the new energy brand representing Foton, the incubation center of foton new energy system capability and business model, and the comprehensive development body of science and technology, products and models.As a representative of the new energy category, the new upgraded Zhilan automobile will provide users with ecological integration solutions.Further speaking, after completing the brand jump, Zhilan automobile will lead the industry in technology, products, marketing mode and service learned that in the three technical routes of pure electric, hydrogen fuel and hybrid, Zhilan automobile will have different focuses this year. It will not only vigorously layout pure electric products, but also appropriately develop hydrogen fuel and hybrid products according to the needs of the scene.Among them, the pure electric technology line will increase the 100-degree electric logistics vehicle and refrigerated vehicle products, and launch new VAN products;Hydrogen fuel technology line will continue to enrich light, medium and heavy product lines to meet the needs of users in different fields.In 2021, The Smart Blue car can be described as a full-line attack.Electric heavy truck in Tangshan and other places mass delivery, pure electric light truck is the industry’s new energy light truck model number one.In 2022, after completing the brand jump, Zhilan Automobile is bound to strike all fronts and bring greater surprise to the industry!Serving the Winter Olympics is just the beginning.

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