How ridiculous is American society?Zero yuan purchase has become a daily occurrence, and American actors have witnessed direct use of profanity

“I can’t believe I just saw this!”Rappaport, a famous Us comedian, recently uploaded a live version of the “Zero Dollar Purchase” video to social media, in which the actor, who has seen big scenes, can’t help but swear.The viral video is extremely informative and shows a man carrying two bags from Rite Aid pharmacy in broad daylight.Not a bag or a box, but two full bags in a shopping bag.Even more absurdly, after witnessing the man’s behavior, the pharmacy security guard did not take any action. The two men looked at each other, and then the security guard stood and watched the man leave, as if he had been experienced enough to see him off.Although the security guard was not surprised, rappaport was visibly shocked to see the “zero yuan purchase” in action.He said the guy came to the store with no hesitation or qualms and filled two big bags with condoms and shampoo before leaving.He watched the man the entire time and filmed him leaving the house, giving Rappaport a special look as if to say that a little is a lot.According to Rappaport, the man showed no shame, but rather a certain pride in his eyes as he walked away with two bags of loot as if he were carrying Gucci down First Avenue in New York.Compared with this kind of unconnected famous actor’s hindsight, this kind of zero yuan purchase phenomenon has long been common in the life of American civilians. It can even be said that zero yuan purchase has become a brand new “daily” in The American society.This was particularly evident during Black Friday last year.In November alone, there were three large organised “zero dollar buys” that required the police to be called out.Masked men stormed a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco’s Union Square, stealing expensive bags and leaving a trail of destruction.Then in Walnut Bay, California, a gang of 80 robbed a large department store.Patrons at a nearby restaurant watched as the 80 robbers, wearing ski masks, burst into the store and looted merchandise, while the startled manager on duty took the liberty of closing the restaurant’s doors to avoid further damage.It is not that the public is too timid, but that the POLICE in the US have done nothing to deal with such problems as zero yuan purchase.The subservience of the police is fueling the arrogance of the speculators, as the police and the criminals are locked in a tight relationship over issues such as race and violent law enforcement.So it was like a wildfire that spread across the country.According to statistics, the NYPD reported nearly 38,000 burglaries in 2019, and by 2021, that number had grown to nearly 44,000 — a 15 percent increase.In fact, one of the reasons for the flood of zero yuan purchase is the widening gap between the rich and the poor, which makes the bottom people unable to survive, so they constantly go astray. However, these bottom people who follow the trend unintentionally lead to more poverty.For example, the drugstore, which just suffered from zero yuan purchase, will close on February 15 due to reduced revenue, and all the store staff and security guards will lose their jobs.Perhaps more people will join the zero-purchase movement, which will lead to more poverty. It’s a death cycle.The actor was keen to call Out New York City Mayor John Adams for a solution, but the mayor did not respond to reports of the incident that night.Maybe the zero dollar purchase in the US is not “too serious” in the eyes of these politicians.

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