Neymar may be back in the champions League as Messi hits a new record and Real Madrid’s most difficult match

The first leg of the Uefa Champions League quarter-final will kick off at 4am on February 16, with a total worth of 1.7 billion euros.PSG, worth 910 million euros in total, has a roster full of big names, including Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.Benzema and Vinicius have raised expectations for the 780m euro club, but this could be their most difficult game of the season, given the quality of the opposition and the away leg.Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid have had a relatively smooth season in the league.Paris Saint-Germain lead the French league with 59 points, 13 more than marseille behind them, and the title is almost certain.Real Madrid are top of the league with 54 points.Although Real Madrid have left their traditional rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid behind, it will be difficult to win the title with Sevilla on their heels.In the Group stage of the Champions League, Real Madrid beat Inter Milan 5-1 and qualified as group winners.However, Real Madrid’s luck is not good, in the knockout round to draw Paris Saint-Germain.PSG have a poor record in the group stage, with three wins, two draws and one defeat, finishing behind Manchester City and only finishing second in their group.Of course, you can’t judge a team in the group stage, and in the knockout stage anything can happen.PSG have home advantage, which is a very important advantage.PSG have won at home and lost away from Manchester City in previous meetings.The support of the home crowd can give the home team extra motivation.Paris Saint-Germain’s key player Neymar is a doubt.Neymar, though, is back in training and may be fit for this match.However, Because neymar has not played for a long time, all of a sudden to play such a strong elimination match, I’m afraid the body can not adapt to.In neymar’s case, maybe 30 minutes as a substitute is a more rational choice, I wonder what pochettino will decide.Messi’s performance is the most anticipated.Real Madrid is messi’s fifth highest scoring club in his career.Messi has scored 26 goals and 14 assists in 45 previous meetings against Real Madrid, producing 40 goals in total.Messi will set a new scoring record against Real Madrid again.Messi has not scored many goals in the league since joining Paris, but he has maintained a high scoring efficiency in the Champions League.Can he score in this game?Wait and see!For more exciting content, follow football Dog

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