Shanghai International Tourism Resort today welcomed a high passenger flow, the resort’s public security department implemented measures to ensure a smooth and orderly

On the fourth day of the first lunar month, the weather will be fine, and the Shanghai International Tourism Resort will once again see high passenger flow.As of 16:00 on the same day, the tourist flow in the core area of the resort exceeded 70,000.Disneyland is still the most popular attraction in the resort, while the Rabbit Nest Parent-child park, which is suitable for family activities, is also a popular attraction in the eastern part of the resort.In order to cope with the high passenger flow of Disneyland, the public security office of the resort made preparations in advance, communicated with the operating entities such as The Disney management company in advance, collected information of commercial promotion and ticketing policy adjustment of each operator on a rolling basis, and specially studied and implemented countermeasures to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of Disneyland during the summer vacation.In addition, according to the daily passenger flow of Disneyland, the park will add a light and fireworks show according to the situation, so as to ensure that the passengers can leave the park in a safe and orderly manner in batches without affecting the experience of tourists.In terms of transportation, the public security office of the holiday zone explored the potential inside the parking lot in advance, expanded the storage capacity, and prepared the east emergency parking lot to deal with the sudden situation of parking saturation.In addition, due consideration is given to the factors of road control of the Park’s ecological park at night, and the parking Spaces of P4 parking lot are coordinated to be reserved in advance for the time of night lay-off, such as online cars and shuttle buses, so as to speed up evacuation efficiency.Police tips: Please observe the relevant regulations of the operator, strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, and follow the arrangements of the police and staff on site.Tourists are requested to take care of their belongings and accompanying children. They can learn about practical information in the resort in time through the micro blog of “Xiaodi Police Officer”, or through comments, private messages and other methods.Author: Zhou Chen Correspondent: Pu Gongxuan Editor: Wang Jiayi Editor: Gu Yiqiong

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