The same 35 years old, only 200,000 yuan savings, the quality of life is so different?

As the old saying goes, “Stand at thirty.”When we reach the age of 30, we feel that we are in a different age, both in our state of mind and how others perceive us.This is not to say that you will be rich, powerful and powerful after 30, but after that, people no longer think of you as a “child” and many people become the head of a family, which reminds me of the old saying: “Age is a knife to kill a pig. Are you a knife or a pig?”Today we’re not going to talk about being 30, but about being 35.In first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan is a normal level, or even common. A monthly income of 10,000 yuan is just a “pass line” at most. It is not too difficult to save 100,000 yuan a year, but most people still live in the edge of the “moonlight clan”.You might say, “Why should it be so hard to save money when you earn a lot and earn a lot?”In fact, when you earn more, the people around you earn more. Compared with your classmates and friends in your hometown, you are really “doing well”. In first-tier cities, the salary of tens of thousands of yuan can only be considered so-so.The daily work of clothing, daily consumption in life, electronic products, daily necessities and other expenses are not a small amount of spending, riding the bull to see the bear sometimes hear people around me say: “I do not have no money, but all the money on the body.Living in first-tier or second-tier cities, it is far from enough to just work there. The key is to buy an apartment and get a local hukou, which is the first step to “take root”.The higher the housing price, the longer the loan term, and the higher the repayment amount, the housing price is the most critical link to the quality of people’s lives.I have a friend who bought a 148-square-meter house in the second Ring Road. He borrowed money for 30 years and paid 22,000 yuan a month. His salary is 25,000 yuan a month.If the salary did not get that month, or the company deducted some of his wages, the friend can only find a friend in private turnover, the “small Treasury” of the elder brother of cattle was expropriated by him for a long time, the pain and joy of life only their own know!When we own housing assets, we are implicitly carrying high debt.As of 2021, mortgages are the basic component of household debt, accounting for 81.3% of households and 74.3% of total household debt.In addition to housing loans, car loans, credit loans are also an important component of contemporary young people in debt.The idea of overspending is often heard in our ears. Many people say, “I will spend tomorrow’s money today!”In fact, they still have to bear the money, and every month’s debt is like a “snowball”, which is the biggest trouble to repay the loan, the key is not repayment or overdue repayment after more trouble, the amount of borrowing will become less, and even can not borrow after the situation.In modern society, there is much talk about delicate life, and living well in the present is the most important.In fact, how much money you have and how much you save is not the key. It depends on your annual income and social security to judge your family status.This is just like having a serious illness without medical insurance, or maybe nothing at all. In other words, “What a middle-aged person fears most is having a serious illness, and the last thing he wants is to go to hospital.”At this time, the same 200,000 yuan of savings, one person has a medical insurance, just after a serious illness can be reimbursed, compared with another person has 200,000 yuan of savings, but no medical insurance, the former will be more calm when facing problems.After retirement, savings are the material basis for a more comfortable life. However, whether a person has a Social Security pension and how much money they can receive each month are the key to whether a person can live at ease after retirement.Because it’s so easy to live without money, even more savings can run out of money one day, or it may just be a serious illness that leaves you penniless.If you look at older people on Social Security, who not only have medicare reimbursed on a pro rata basis, but also receive income from annual pension increases, it makes a huge difference in quality of life.After reaching middle age, the deposit of hundreds of thousands of yuan cannot explain anything, nor can it judge what kind of class life they are in, but also according to their other material conditions to calculate together.But one thing to understand: “Quality of life is not how much you save, but how you view consumption, material and life, which determines how you judge and deal with things.”How do you beat inflation by providing protection at different stages of your life beyond saving, which is the key to wealth?How can I become richer later?How to change housing conditions after the third child?Are you now “rich”?Did you try hard today?

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