A press conference was held on the preparation for the third phase of the regular season of the 2021-2022 CBA League

According to the decision of the Chinese Basketball Association and CBA League, the third phase of the 2021-2022 regular season of the China Men’s Professional Basketball League will be held in Shenyang and Shunde from March 1 to March 22, 2022.Among them, the Shenyang division brings together 10 teams, including Liaoning Bensteel, which will play 50 matches in 10 rounds at liaoning Gymnasium.On February 24, 2021-2022 season CBA league season preparations for a third stage press conference held in muddy south area, CBA league business jian-bin xu, shenyang municipal sports bureau deputy director cao hong, muddy south, head of the district party committee standing committee, director of the district party committee office, the propaganda department minister Zhang Chen to attend the conference to introduce competition organizing committee, and answered reporters questions from the audience.Xu Jianbin gave high recognition to Shenyang competition area at the conference.He said that shenyang competition area has excellent conditions, rich experience, shenyang fans are also very enthusiastic, Shenyang competition area also set up two training venues, can fully meet the daily training needs of participating teams.Shenyang attaches great importance to the CBA tournament, cao hong said, this year on January 22nd, apply officially submit to the CBA league run competitions, expressed a strong desire to undertake match in shenyang, February 14, CBA league officer xuan released approved division in shenyang city, then an event planning organization, currently all the preparatory work has been basically in place,It is believed that the third stage of CBA Shenyang competition will achieve the goal of safe, orderly, wonderful and complete.Zhang Chen said at the conference, Hunnan district as the main organizer of the event, attaches great importance to this work, under the guidance of the event organizing committee and THE CBA League, immediately set up a number of working groups, comprehensively promote the preparation and organization of the event, the current event of the preparation and organization work has been basically ready.Hunnan district will lift the strength of the entire region to complete the task of the event, for the teams involved in the event, staff and the majority of fans to provide a welcome home service.At the same time, he also introduced the details of the event preparation and organization.In terms of venue preparation.Liaoning Stadium as the venue for this match, the preparation of the stadium has been completed, heating, lighting, electricity, functional housing and other infrastructure have met the requirements of the match, players and fans will be in a very comfortable temperature environment for the match and watch the match.At the same time, Liaoning Stadium also used the bucket screen for the first time in THE CBA league. The bucket screen at the top of the stadium is divided into three rings, two layers and 17 screens, with a definition of 4 mm, which can meet the needs of all angles.In terms of team service guarantee.Sheraton Greentown hotel will serve as the reception hotel for the team.Under the condition of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the closed-loop management requirements of the “green Zone” of CBA League competitions, all teams will be closed in the hotel except for training and competition.In order to ensure the food safety team event related personnel, muddy south region to guarantee the hotel food and beverage market supervision bureau and ingredients supplier to carry on the specialized training, required ingredients must choose formal channels and the highest quality, suppliers at all levels must complete business qualification and procedures, and USES the fast test equipment to test the all ingredients inside the hotel,Supervise the whole process of food processing to ensure food safety.In terms of volunteering.According to event volunteer service need, muddy south area recruited 30 college student volunteers, all the college volunteers, participate in volunteer service from shenyang architecture university, and all have graduate or above, major in comprehensive quality, they will mainly be responsible for the venues audience guide, venues supplies management.It is believed that the level of volunteer service in this competition will also become a beautiful scene in the third stage of CBA League.In terms of fan viewing matters.Part of the matches will be open to the general fans to sell tickets, please pay attention to the ticket information of Damai.com.In order to ensure the broad masses of fans in open session in order to enter, at the same time cooperate and epidemic prevention and security needs, the fans can be from liaoning courtyard south gate to enter the gymnasium and the need to wear disposable surgical masks, produce the liao thing make health code, national big data travel card, after the temperature screening, the recount and security checks, and from the venue south gate into the viewing stand on the second floor.Fans whose national big data travel cards show their out-of-town activities within 14 days are also required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.Those whose health code is yellow or red will not be allowed to enter the site. Those whose body temperature is higher than 37.3℃ will be placed in the retest area for 20 minutes for temperature retest. Those whose body temperature is still higher than 37.3℃ or with symptoms such as cough and diarrhea will be handled and transported by on-site epidemic prevention personnel.In terms of transportation security.In order to avoid traffic congestion, it is suggested that fans take public transport to watch the match. Shenyang Metro Group, Hunnan Modern tram and bus departments will take effective measures to ensure the public transport needs of fans after the match.For fans of driving, the vehicle can park in hunnan five road on both sides of the wisdom parking space, yifeng Square and xinglong Big Ole Square and underground parking lot, is expected to park more than 3000 vehicles.

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