Tengzhou rural e-commerce enabling rural revitalization and construction of village-level e-commerce service points 200

Qilu nets, flash news on February 14, in recent years, su insisted that high position, seize “Internet +” development opportunities and actively cultivating growing e-commerce operators, vigorously promote “taobao town” “taobao village” building, promoting comprehensive demonstration work, establish and improve a city, town and village level 3 electricity service and logistics service system,Now it has built one municipal e-commerce public service center, 16 township-level e-commerce service stations, and 200 village-level e-commerce service points to build the “Tengzhou model” of rural e-commerce enabling rural revitalization.At the same time, it has established a warehousing and logistics distribution center integrating warehousing, sorting and distribution, and realized the full coverage of “express delivery to villages” through the cooperation mode of “business mail express”.At present, tengzhou city’s comprehensive demonstration projects are rated as excellent by the provincial Department of Commerce.Lightning news reporter Li Yongwen Tengzhou Taiwan Zhai Jingcui Kong Hui report

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