Chinese New Year, these foods should not be given to children

01 Happy New Year everyone!Chinese New Year is a happy time for us to get together with our families, relatives and friends. It is very comfortable for us to get together and chat while eating melon seeds.But they do not know, this sweet and beautiful moment, for children, especially the children of the lower age, but hidden security risks and dangers.Not long ago, xiaobian saw a video, a child playing more than one year old, while parents are not paying attention to, will swallow a melon seed in the mouth, then began to shortness of breath.The child was taken to hospital in critical condition with decreased oxygen, reduced heart rate and inability to breathe on his own.Fortunately sent in time, the doctor with 2.8 mm soft bronchoscope, from the child’s trachea tube inside the inside, timely to take out the melon seeds, picked up a life.In fact, this kind of dangerous occurrence is not unique, previously reported, a 1-year-old boy accidentally eating melon seeds inhaled trachea was sent to the hospital, but ultimately did not recover.Shenzhen also reported the death of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who choked his windpipe after eating melon seeds.In the face of this again and again tragic, doctors remind parents of young children: children under the age of 3, try not to give them to eat peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pistachios and other nuts food.Don’t think that the accident is far away from you, in fact, the accident is around.Finish see was out in a cold sweat, think about the last time, small make up and chat with family eat melon seeds, less than 10 months, are in oral (what) mouth of treasure, and when we least expect climb over grabbed a melon seeds, mouth in time, fortunately, at that time, small make up see immediately melon seeds to dig out from his mouth, otherwise I really don’t know what will be consequences.Especially during the Chinese New Year, every family will prepare melon seeds, peanuts and other kinds of nut food, we really have to be careful and vigilant ah, do not be careless, have a lucky psychology, the cost of life is too heavy, we who also can not afford.So it’s important to pay attention to these things during the New Year. Prevention is the best way to avoid danger, so be sure to pay attention.When the baby is eating and playing, it is best for parents to be around and pay more attention to the baby. Once there is any danger, such as the baby putting nuts or small objects in his mouth, he must be stopped in time.030,000 accidentally accident, how to take the corresponding first aid measures in time?If a child is choking, the first thing parents should do is to closely monitor the child’s symptoms.Parents should encourage children to cough, through the power of coughing to cough out foreign bodies.If the foreign body is too large to completely block the trachea, the child will not be able to cough, and will often show the typical action: hands stuck in their neck, trying to cough but not coughing (see picture below).Found this kind of performance, parents should immediately rescue, do not delay.Children over 1 years old and adults of the same rescue method, for the Heimlich first aid;Infants under the age of 1 should use the back slap combined with chest impact method.Hopefully, of course, you’ll never have to use these first aid measures.But the awareness of prevention can not be relaxed, vigilance, prevention in advance, is always the best way to protect our children.Be sure to share this article with your family and friends so we can all be vigilant.To ensure the health and safety of children during the New Year.

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