Dai women make snacks with skillful hands

# # thriving holidays I went to the year of the tiger Spring Festival ching removed the dai national minority villages of the dai nationality yi nationality autonomous county 4, move waxy village has moved waxy buddhist temple, moving waxy buddhist temple is temple, known locally as the main temple, built in 43 years of qianlong (1778 AD), in the southern Buddhism, stockade of people since the childhood to accept the Buddha’s teachings, are a nation of faith,What is required in the Sutras and what has been handed down by our fathers will not be usurped.Diligence, intelligence and ability are the characteristics of the villagers in this stockade.The women in Waxy are virtuous and hard-working.Qian Nuo snacks are made by them. From the 29th to the 5th of the year, the women of the zhaizi make various snacks to entertain their relatives and friends.Qian Nuo Qian Nuo, glutinous rice is the favorite of The People in Qian Nuo. During the Spring Festival, every family steamed glutinous rice and kneaded it into a ball to eat, which is put on the dinner table.Glutinous rice flour is ground and fried with vegetables to make glutinous rice baba.After the water flour is drained, the cooked flour is added and kneaded to make sanjiao Baba. Sanjiao Baba is made with shredded flowers or chopped fennel on the kneaded glutinous rice flour bread, chopped meat, put on the dried fruit leaves, and steamed on the big oven.It is made from good japonica rice, mixed with brown sugar, scooped up and steamed in a steaming plate. First, steam one layer, then add another layer, and steam until the steamer is flat. Then, you can eat it after you cut it.Yangjiao (Sound country) taro cold powder, is made of a kind of appearance like yangjiao taro, make the cold powder is jade white, strong way is very good.Eat bean jelly without seasoning, condiment but dai unique, vinegar have ant vinegar, papaya vinegar, vinegar acid Angle, florescence, rice vinegar, vinegar Gua o dai feature with parsley smartweed, coriander, coriander, shallot and garlic Jiang Xiaomi spicy, and peanut butter, fry the broken, sesame chilli oil, chili oil, a bowl of bean jelly ate also want to eat a bowl.You don’t want to eat too much. There’s another one waiting for you.When you want to go, the dai hostess will cook xiangnuochang for you to take on the road to eat, xiangnuochang chopped lean meat with glutinous rice fennel into the intestine, boiled half cooked, then steamed in a steamer to eat.It was time to leave The Village, where I could not forget the delicacies and the dai women.Glutinous rice BaBa road met just gives us to eat glutinous rice BaBa dai national minority woman forcibly knead plasma surface three Angle BaBa mat three Angle BaBa dried leaves of three Angle BaBa Angle BaBa steamed three Angle BaBa the Angle of taro bean jelly bean jelly of rich seasoning bean jelly attractive open Angle of the taro jelly in the Angle of taro jelly steamed qianceng BaBa qianceng BaBa pleased to delimit thousand BaBa happy eating thousand layer samplesSweet glutinous sausage

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