Guanyuan data was selected into the ai manufacturer panorama report, intelligent decision leveraging enterprise growth

Recently, the domestic well-known digital market research and consultancy love analysis released the 2022 love manufacturers panoramic analysis of artificial intelligence report, the concept of well data with many years in the field of data intelligence agriculture, with strong product strength, service ability, customer word of mouth, and includes retail and consumer, financial, high-tech, nearly 10, such as the Internet industry data driven decision-making of best practice,The intelligent decision scenario represents the vendor.As the demand for refined operations grows and the uncertainty of rapidly changing markets increases, businesses and organizations need to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of their business decisions, the report says.On the other hand, with the online network interconnection between consumers and industries, the factors of decision-making keep growing and becoming more correlated, which makes business decision-making more complex. Enterprises and organizations need intelligent decision-making mainly in three aspects: first, to optimize the effect of decision-making;Second, improve decision agility;Third, enhance the transparency of decision-making.01, optimization of decision effect of the traditional decision mainly depends on the expert based on business rules and experience, and the calculation of the human brain power and coverage of business rules is limited, for complex problem cannot overall consideration, need to use huge amounts of data, combined with machine learning and management optimization algorithm is global thinking, screening of all feasible solutions and evaluate the effect, thus the output effect of the optimal decisions.There have been many practices in this area.In cooperation with unilever, Budweiser Asia Pacific, Wal-Mart and other leading enterprises, Guanyuan data has carried out cutting-edge practice in supply chain and demand analysis and prediction.And the exclusive launch can be based on data and algorithms, the realization of multiple scenarios of AI assistant, data-driven from the global point of view, to guide the production and management of the plan.In the practice with Wal-Mart, data analysis shows the influence of solar terms on sales. 24 solar terms has become a meaningful variable. For example, mango will reach a peak of stable sales after rain and before awakening of Insects.These solar terms related laws were input into the model to learn the product cycle of fruits and vegetables, which were added to the model after processing. Finally, the prediction accuracy of the model during the loading and unloading period was comprehensively improved by more than 2%.Relying on this model, brands can output more accurate product operation plans.02, enhance agility of traditional artificial complex decisions a longer cycle, always business rules, and depends on the changing needs and environmental factors is difficult to response in time, to make a rapid assessment and effectively cope with, needed a intelligent decision-making platform high-speed computing power, real-time update decision results, and through the simulation scenario analysis.Flexibility and agility is one of the characteristics of guanyuan data one-stop intelligent analysis platform.The platform supports hundred-million-level data second-level response. Through the black technology function of the “extreme analysis engine”, users can also make silk-sliding drag-and-drop data analysis and dynamic query on the basis of hundred-million-level and hundred-level data sets.With the ability to make front-end business decisions, enterprises can directly link the platform’s powerful data analysis capabilities to brand front-line business personnel to guide business operations.Garment industry have classic 258 gold points, for example, 2, 5 PM and 8 PM, the brand can be set to the business personnel index of each point in time, if there is a certain time point index did not complete, can timely tracking through the analysis of the data is what reason, passenger flow, the window decoration or service problems, all can be adjusted timely analysis to make operational strategy.Concept of well data with Lily business attire in the aspects of the practice for many years, stores from the manager to guide, are on one-stop intelligent analysis platform to create by relying on the mobile end data analysis kanban, per hour for the unit to find was responsible for the data of the regional index changes, real-time analysis, found the problem, and adjust operating decisions to seize growth opportunities.The experience of traditional manual decision-making cannot be effectively standardized and quantified, the decision-making process is not clear, and the data accumulation and the promotion and reuse of decision-making ability cannot be formed. Decisions need to be made based on systematic data and business rules to achieve standardization and traceability of the process.View far one-stop intelligent data analysis platform for enterprise through data collection, access, management, development, analysis, modeling, AI AI model running data application process completely, make enterprise effective precipitation data assets, and to dig deeper into the data value, all-round improve enterprise decision accuracy and timeliness, and provides the ground business insight prediction and intelligent decision making,Feedback business operation, enabling long-term growth.In cooperation with NEIWAI inside and outside, Guanyuan data for the brand integration of multi-data sources, to build the data value chain, and give massive data storage, processing and analysis capabilities, for enterprises to provide self-service, intelligent data exploration ability, enabling enterprises intelligent scientific decision-making ability.For example, the commodity intelligent analysis module deepens the depth management of commodities, promotes the liquidity management of commodities, starts AI-assisted decision-making, and develops continuously according to market feedback.Maximize the value of data mining, sales data as the entry point of the whole process analysis, to build a perfect commodity management system, improve the seasonal and burst probability of NEIWAI goods inside and outside.The report points out that enterprises’ requirements for intelligent decision makers include: intelligent decision technology and product capabilities, and intelligent decision scenario-oriented solution implementation capabilities.Guanyuan data with high-performance, high availability, high security, flexible and agile one-stop intelligent analysis platform, and 10 industry solutions and 400+ fortune 500 enterprises and industry leading customer practice, perfect fit enterprise requirements.At present, more and more enterprises are actively exploring digital growth path, data analysis and intelligent decision-making will help enterprises continuously capture growth opportunities from data, and find growth certainty from uncertainty.As a representative manufacturer of “intelligent decision” scenario, Guanyuan data is willing to work with more industry customers to explore a new path of sustainable growth through data analysis.

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