Lang Longina celebrates the birth of her adorable 1-year-old son.

On January 29, Lang lang and Gina posted a photo of their family in Spain on their social media platform, with the caption: “We are one year old and wish everyone a happy New Year in advance.”The photo shows Lang lang smiling broadly as he holds his one-year-old son in his arms.Gina, dressed in a beautiful dress, stood next to Lang lang and wrapped her arms around them with a sweet smile. They both smiled the same smile.Another shows a family blowing out candles and cutting a cake together.Gina son in his arms, carefully to protect him, Lang Lang will wife son circle outside the middle, posture is all protective.My son is so lively that he tries to stretch out his hands and grabs the cake. Two hands are covered with brown chocolate. It seems that he is having a very happy time.Gina, a German-Korean pianist, is 12 years younger than Lang lang, and they married in Paris in 2019.Lang had taken a liking to Alice when they first met in Berlin, Germany, a few years earlier.And as peer, two people are having a lot of common topic more.The couple has been a model couple since their official wedding, with Gina always at Lang’s side, mixing sugar and spending time together on the show.They never stingy love for each other, the husband and wife deep interpretation of the incisive.Lang lang is currently on a world tour, and Gina is bringing the kids along, so the family is meant to stay together.During their time abroad, Gina and Lang shared adorable baby photos from each other’s perspectives.Now that they have been married for more than two years and their son is one year old, the couple are still as happy as ever.Hope Lang lang and Gina will always be happy and happy, and wish them a happy New Year!Copyright: Above figure source network, delete!Recommended reading: Spring Festival Gala guest lineup exposure!TFBOYS finally joined the CCTV Spring Festival Gala!Song Zuying, 56, dressed in a khaki windbreaker and pink scarf at a wedding reception.Are you killing Yang Zi and fighting openly?Two cooperation new play, “the rest of my life” into the annual look forward to the big play!

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