Six diet habits to eliminate bad belly fat

Fat is not the same on the body, with most of the fat around the abdomen known as visceral fat (VAT) being the ‘bad’ type of fat.So dieters want to get rid of their belly fat.Belly fat is worse than any other fat because it sits around the body’s vital internal organs.Scientists found that belly fat was the most harmful type of fat.High levels of belly fat can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some cancers, according to experts at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.Unfortunately, the risk of excess visceral fat increases with age.While exercise is one of the best ways to reduce belly fat and improve cardiovascular health, eating habits also play an important role in waist size.Following a healthy diet rich in whole grains can help prevent belly fat accumulation, but eating certain unhealthy foods can lead to it.So losing the excess visceral fat around your belly through exercise and healthy eating habits isn’t just a dream.Here are a few eating habits that can help you get rid of excess, harmful belly fat.Cutting back on sugar (especially sugary drinks) or cutting back on sugar intake is one of the best ways to lose belly fat as you age, according to dietitian Morgyn Clair.”Studies show that excess sugar can lead to excess fat, especially those around the abdomen.”She said.A study published in the Journal of Nutrition also found that regular consumption of sugary drinks (SSBS) was associated with increased belly fat in adults.The researchers examined the potential association between habitual sugary beverage intake and changes in visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT).The results showed that higher SSB intake was associated with greater VAT volume gain, and higher SSB intake was also associated with smaller VAT attenuation after adjusting for multiple confounders, including weight change.In contrast, soda consumption was not associated with changes in abdominal fat.Another piece of advice Claire has for those looking to lose some belly fat as they age is to track their calorie intake during the day.Given that some people may be wary of this process, Claire explains that it only takes a while to get a good idea of what your body needs.”Many people underestimate how much they actually eat, so I recommend tracking it for at least a week so you have a clear idea of your current calorie intake.”‘This makes it easier to spot the foods you eat and the days you eat too many calories, which can lead to excess fat storage,’ says Clare.3. Eat whole grains. “Eating whole grains instead of highly refined grains can reduce the risk of belly enlargement.”One study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, looked at the impact of whole grains and highly refined grain intake on heart disease.The results found that those who regularly reported the highest intake of whole grains had significantly improved heart health compared to those who mainly ate refined grains.Participants who ate foods such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread saw their waistlines expand by just half an inch over the decades as they aged, while those who ate refined grains more than doubled their waistlines.Nicola McKeown, PhD, nutrition epidemiology at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said whole grains not only have health benefits in the short term, but can also have a significant impact on human health as we age.Ward suggests starting with “whole wheat bread, cereal, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, or popcorn.”In one study, Tufts university researchers tracked the eating patterns of 459 middle-aged people over an average of two years.Participants were divided into any of six “eating patterns” based on their food choices.The study found an important difference: While participants who ate the typical “meat and potatoes” diet gained the most weight overall, the weight gain was evenly distributed across their bodies.On the other hand, those who ate the most white bread and other refined foods had the most belly fat.5. Drink Plenty of Water Every Day Many people probably already know that drinking plenty of water is good for your health, but experts say it’s crucial if you want to achieve a flat stomach.”Drink enough water every day.””Not only does it hydrate, detoxify and boost energy, it also helps you naturally limit your intake of sodas, sweetened coffee drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages,” says Registered dietitian and Samantha McKinney.6. Burn most Calories before Dinner Another eating habit that may lead to more belly fat is one that many people trying to lose weight often overlook: eating most of their calories in the evening.”Your body is more likely to burn food earlier in the day because that’s when insulin, the hormone that moves glucose produced by digestion into your cells to fuel them, is more efficient.””Insulin becomes less and less effective over time, and eating too much at the end of the day increases the chances that your intake will be stored as fat in the abdomen,” Ward said.

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