Introduction to the construction of concrete soft mould row

Introduction to the construction of concrete soft mould row:Than other mold for processing this application will join concrete wear resistance of the rope, compared with the hemp rope unafraid to wear also can adapt to the seaside this construction site, concrete pouring to be done is the concrete need according to the steps in the mould, injection of concrete after the mold is still in accordance with the vibration and drying process, common concrete processing is unified,Then wait for mud solidification and demoulding.The welding arc temperature of soft concrete row mold is very high, generally up to 6000-8000 C, and the average temperature of molten pool is about 1700℃.Because of the high temperature and the strong stirring effect of the arc on the molten pool, the metallurgical reaction between the arc zone and the molten pool is very strong and the reaction speed is fast.

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