My 3 points are not as good as Wang Man Yu!Sun Yingsha admitted for the first time: I have three goals for 2022!

On January 29th, the National table tennis team of China all had a holiday and went back to their homes to prepare for the Spring Festival.It was not easy for the media to interview Sun Yingsha. She was relaxed and said: 1) I was very unhappy when I lost the women’s singles final of the National Games, the Olympic Games and the World Championships in 2021. My teammates Chen Meng and Wang Manyu played better than me.2) Wang Manyu used her skills and tactics well in beating me 4-2 in the women’s singles final of the World Table Tennis Championships, and I was a little confused.3) I’m not good enough in the details like turning points. If I can win the sixth set, 3-3, I have a good chance to beat Wang Manyu 4-3.However, Wang Manyu’s technology has played to the extreme, and her will quality and desire for victory are stronger than mine.Obviously, at that time, Wang Man Yu had a coach to help her dredging psychological, than Sun Yingsha occupy a great advantage.Fans are not harsh sun Yingsha, but have to comfort: Sun Yingsha has been very strong, as long as the fight against others, still invincible.In the final of Singapore WTT World Cup at the end of 2021, Chen Meng and Wang Manyu were knocked out unexpectedly, especially Wang Manyu in a round of swimming, and finally Sun Yingsha beat Wang Yidi to win the championship.Sun Yingsha’s confidence came back.In Macao, Sun Yingsha lost to Liu Shiwen, but she still needs to focus on polishing.Chen Qi should be ittf tf ah, if become Sun Yingsha’s coach, master and apprentice together, double sword, can possibly compete with Wang Manyu, Chen Dream.January 29th, I hope Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng and others enjoy the Spring Festival at home.Prediction: In 2022 Sun Yingsha gains a Qi, chief coach Chen, and then gets the Asian Games in September women’s singles gold medal, swept Mimato ITO, the world ranking came to the first, is his best moment of glory.Is that what you mean?

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