220,000 Tifortri 5 seats. What’s the downside?Listen to the people who bought it

Everybody is good!I am the owner of Ruijie, from Jiaxing, and my model is “2021 PLUS EcoBoost 245 two-drive Platinum Sharp type 5 seats “. The purchase price is 220,000 yuan, the driving distance is 1500 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 9.4L. Next, let’s talk about how good this car is!A, I choose the car process to tell the truth, was originally concerned about Honda crown road, 1.5 wisdom to talk about 26.5 plus interest 1.5, but at the end of the year when the crown road price has not car, then just see the sharp world.Go to see sharp when just a family to go, all aspects are quite satisfied, the car price is quite preferential morning to see the afternoon to order a car.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior from the front feel sharp special atmosphere, from the back feel buttock like a bread, but look for a long time feel more and more durable.The interior texture is perfect, the central control screen is also good-looking, and the voice is also clever.It’s just a shame we lost the tachometer and it’s not as good looking as the last generation.Before driving Versa, when the annual New Year home a trunk is not fit to decorate the back seat, now a trunk is easy to fix.The seats are big and soft, and the panoramic sunroof makes the whole car bright.Four, driving feeling urban not cutting S gear feeling of pushing back is generally not very strong, cutting S gear power is very fierce is a little noisy.The steering is steady and the steering is sharp.Is the brake feels a little soft, lightly step on no response, heavy brake nod.Fuel consumption, the car opened more than a thousand kilometers, half of the high-speed, fuel consumption 9.5 quite satisfactory.Anyway, a year also less fuel consumption or not too attention.1. The most satisfying place.Space: is really big, buy seatless direct second row set to maximum cross legs easily!Sound insulation: open sound insulation in the urban area is very easy to say, high-speed about 100 can also feel the wind noise and the engine is still a little big.Appearance level: When I didn’t notice this car at the beginning, I felt really ugly. My butt was like a big noodle bun, but now I see it more and more.2. Deficiencies.I don’t know if the brake is too soft. I always nod my head when I come to the traffic light.High speed above the speed of the brake feel a little brake, I do not know whether the car is too heavy inertia is too big, especially the Spring Festival high speed this time traffic jam so much, sometimes when the traffic jam brake feel terrified.3. Is it worth it?The new car plus replacement government subsidy is 2468, which is 30,000 or 40,000 yuan cheaper than the original crown road, which is cost-effective.In addition, there is ford Pie, which can be started remotely. When you use a car in winter, it can be started in advance, and the air conditioner will be hot when you get on the car, which is not too comfortable. You can also see the real-time position of the vehicle.

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