Originally in order to be lively, xiangshan family fireworks, who provoke a string of trouble

The clothes burned.The picture comes from the netizen post article “originally for lively lively, with the material provoke a string of trouble!”On January 31, the net friend “ss six plus one” by China ningbo netizens have e message board posts reflect the masses, New Year’s eve that night, a family of 12 happily ate dinner, set off firecrackers in an open place, also specially to see the old man called out, the results of firing burn directly after the explosion, people in the home was bleeding, clothing, scattered fire damaged items inside the room.In the morning of February 1, the reporter contacted this netizen.She told reporters that the fireworks in trouble is 31 that night they bought two “eight fairy bridge” fireworks in xiangshan Dan City fu Le food store.It is reported that according to the local policy of limiting the release of fireworks, the netizen “SS six plus one” whose home is located in dancheng city can set off fireworks on that day.She told reporters that more than 7 o ‘clock in the evening, the family after the New Year’s Eve dinner went to the yard to set off fireworks, they deliberately set off in the open, who knows after lighting the lead just burned, fireworks exploded.In the subsequent more than 1 minutes, sparks are flying everywhere, transverse to the house, the second floor scurrying, fireworks everywhere scurrying in the yard, not only hurt the people will also damage many items in the home.Her cousin’s clothes also caught up, but luckily a relative was quick to put out the fire, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable.The old man sitting in the middle of the house also had multiple bruises.The netizen said that a total of four people were injured that night, because it was the Chinese New Year and at night, they did not go to the hospital but treated their wounds themselves.Relatives were wounded and bleeding.”Afterwards, we found that there were fireworks and explosives even in our neighbor’s house about 50 meters away.How powerful do you think this firework is?”Recalling the situation at that time, the netizen “SS six plus one” is still terrified.After things happened, they immediately contact with the sales, requirements to the scene to see, but sales is through the inspection of qualified fireworks, let them in the first seven days of the first month to work directly with the factory contact.They were very dissatisfied with the way it was handled.Later, netizen “SS six plus one” provided the reporter with the phone number of the fireworks manufacturer.The person in charge of the manufacturer told reporters that fireworks are qualified products through the record, they are just an agent in Zhejiang.Yesterday after the accident, the seller and the parties to the police station to negotiate, the parties have agreed to deal with after the holiday.So why does this happen with fireworks?The person in charge said that the probability of failure of formal fireworks is about 1/1000, because it is manual production, any problems in the production and transportation of fireworks may affect the final discharge.However, it is usually a small problem such as falling off the lead.They suspect that the yellow mud at the bottom of the fireworks came loose.They will also continue to negotiate with the parties involved.

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