Taishan team nova world War ONE fame!Fang Hao crazy four xi, Hao Wei find Guo Tianyu best standin

Taishan star Fang Hao scored 3 goals and scored a hat-trick in the first half as China U23 took a 3-1 lead against Thailand U23 in dubai Cup on March 26, 2018.Fang completed his senior year with a goal in the 66th minute of the second half, and would have gone on to score had he not been injured. He made his name with a last-gasp free kick to give Thailand a 4-2 win.The U23 team was formed for this year’s Asian Games and includes most of the best players in that age group.The OPENING game of the Dubai Cup was a 1-0 defeat to the united Arab Emirates, but the team’s effort was satisfactory.Thailand lost their opening game 1-0 to Qatar, with both teams in desperate need of a win.Wu Shaocong, Tao Qianglong, Wen Xiaoming and other players who have already played in the Chinese Super league led the starting lineup. Fang Hao, the new star of Taishan Team, played as the starting forward. He was loaned to Wuhan last season and had a good performance.Another Taishan player Abdu Bisuli is on standby on the bench.After only 7 minutes, Thailand sent a great gift. Fang Hao stole the ball and hit back. He ran all the way into the near area and calmly pushed the ball into the near corner to make it 1-0 up.The LEAD of the U23 did not last for long as Thailand cut through the Chinese defence and Paso scored from the top of the penalty area to make it 1-1 just four minutes later.In the 30th minute, Thailand made another throw-in mistake and the defender made a mistake and kicked the ball directly into China’s penalty area. Fang Hao did not miss the chance, slipped past a defender and calmly volleyed home to give U23 a 2-1 lead again.In the 34th minute, Wu Shaocong headed the U23 corner into the penalty area. The Thai defender was not far away from clearing the ball, and Fang Hao was alert enough to score the goal to give China a 3-1 lead and complete his hat-trick.Trailing by a huge margin, Thailand was flustered and the U23 team controlled the tempo, leading 3-1 at half-time.The U23 team changed three players in a row, including Sun Qinhan, Xu Haofeng and Dilimiti. The three players were exchanged for each other, and Thailand also changed three players in a row.Thailand’s attack has improved, the two teams in the field to form a balance, mutual attack and defense.54 minutes, U23 national football team again substitution, Liu Zhurun appeared to replace Tao Qianglong, he top to the front.In the 62nd minute, the Thai striker turned and shot slightly wide in the penalty area.In the 66th minute, After liu Zhurun’s straight stopper was touched by the Thai defender, Fang hao took the ball, pushed his body past the defender and scored low to give the U23 a 4-1 lead. He celebrated in imitation of Cristiano Ronaldo.Then Fang Hao was replaced with some injuries, head coach Jankovic congratulations.It was a dream night for Fang Hao.Thailand pulled one back in the 90th minute with a free kick to make it 4-2.U23 beat Thailand 4-2 to win the Dubai Cup.Was born in 2000 in the Fang Hao just 22 years old this year, last season he in wuhan team effectiveness, after the end of a loan move to wuhan team Fang Hao returned to hristo this season, after follow the team to prepare for the new season, in the case of guo tian Portuguese on loan, Fang Hao is expected to become the hristo U23 main season, guo tian howell discovered the best double.

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