Test subjects and dates for October 2022

IELTS: Oct 13, 22 (Category A), Oct 13, 22 (Category A)October 829 (A+G) American Graduate Entrance Examination (GRE) October 10, 16, 23 National Higher self-study Examination (expected) October 15-16 CPA (expected) October 10-17 Cost Engineer exam (expected) October 29-30 Teacher qualification certificate written test (registration time advanceIn September)(estimated) October 29th

Guoshou asset president Wang Junhui: fixed income better allocation opportunities may be in the second half of the year

The reporter Wu Shaozhi on February 17th, exchange conference organized by the China insurance asset management, the new President and chief investment officer of China life insurance (group) company, China life asset management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the long-lived assets”), President and party secretary of jun-hui wang Shared the 2022 kinds of asset…